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Welcome to the MindGifts session

Practices for you to make your routine healthier and more balanced.


By accessing the link, you will automatically be taken to the Jungle website, on the registration page  (as the image below).

For registration, you will use the same e-mail in which you received your access code. Register your e-mail, create a new password and in the "Code" field, use the number we sent you. 

Keep your password so you can access the platform later.

If you cannot find the Jungle email in your inbox, please check the different email category tabs (Other", "Social" or "Promotions").

As a last resort, please try searching for the word Jungle.

After all that, if you still can't find it, please send an email to

After creating your password, you can always access the Jungle platform at the address and using the registration email and your password.

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