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Medical science applied to business

Applying innovative and proven methods from Medical Science, we want to transform the companies' ecosystem, making them healthier and more functional. We work by tracking symptoms, promoting mental health, training leaders, offering tools and mentoring for managers and conducting medical monitoring of intense cases.

Jungle Journey Services

Mental Health Program Management

Broad portfolio of activities with the highest level of scientific recommendation (level A of evidence).

Tools and Development

Masterclass and Live Workshops with our experts. Understand the basics of major mental illnesses.

Screenings and Evaluations

Developed in partnership with International University Centers, for a view on the risk of illness, personality and biopsychosocial environment.


Understand your mental health and that of your team, with sensitive and confidential reports made for you.

Medical Mentoring
for Leaders

Neuroscience tools applied to management to use on a day-to-day basis, discuss reports and schedule efficient actions.

Execution & Consulting

Put into practice efficient and lasting actions, based on the reports. Optimize your company's resources

Learn more about Jungle tools

Check out an example of our GQHM ® tracking tool.

See a partial example of theMyMIND® individual report

See a partial example of ourOurMIND® global report

Check out an example of a MindGIFT S® health promotion activity

Jungle Online Program:

Mental Health Management for Business

The gateway for organizations in this journey of caring for the teams.

Stop treating mental health as a taboo in your company, end myths, stigmas about illness and take the first steps to protect your employees. In this online journey of 5 MasterClass live with Jungle specialists, your company will already have the answers to the main daily challenges in managing and creating a mental health culture.

Our clients:


To “Take care of those who take care of our health” , Jungle and its partners implemented, at no cost, our mental health management program in companies in the area, with the objective of offering additional support to professionals who work with such determination in the front line against the pandemic.

This action is our way of saying THANK YOU for all the effort and dedication of the professionals who are on the front line for us.

# HealthWorkersMatter





Meet the participants who benefit from the initiative:

Did you know that... 

Today, work is one of the most common elements among stressors, causing suffering and mental illness.

Some data...

of all workers are affected by a mental disorder.

are not properly diagnosed

abandon treatment early.

This situation, which is constantly worsening, brings not only individual suffering and the worsening of people's living conditions, but also has serious economic effects. Productivity is severely affected, the number of work leaves is on the rise, and spending on mental health is already higher than on treating all types of cancer.

World Health Organization (WHO) estimates

Even so...

of companies in Brazil do not have any approach to mental health.

Not only: many of this minority that have strategies to deal with the subject have superficial programs, partial approaches and a lack of scientific rigor. Sometimes, it is just the symptoms, without touching on the causes and illnesses. They thus become ineffective – when not harmful.

Jungle comes to the market to change this scenario...
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